Eaze Launches Partner Portal, Data Resource Powering Eaze Ecosystem

Nov 19, 2019

Eaze, California’s leading cannabis delivery marketplace, announced a powerful new cloud-based resource for its brand and retail partners today. The new Eaze Partner Portal houses robust dashboards to help Eaze’s partners run their business more efficiently and capture opportunities.

“Access to meaningful data and customer insights is one of the benefits that sets Eaze apart from other industry players,” said Megan Miller, SVP of Marketplace at Eaze. “With nearly five million deliveries to date and hundreds of thousands of active, verified adult consumers shopping via Eaze, our retail and brand customers need these tools to get the most value from our platform.”

Eaze’s platform has a wealth of aggregate customer data, totaling one of the highest number of transactions compared to any other point-of-sale company in the cannabis industry. With access to insightful data via the Partner Portal, brands can better understand who their customers are, how their preferences are evolving and how specific products are performing, enabling brands to make more informed, data-driven business decisions.

“The Eaze Partner Portal has become a critical part of our daily business operations. We now have visibility into the demographics of our consumers informing a lot of our marketing and brand direction,” said Luke Anderson, co-founder of cannabis drink brand Cann. “Most importantly, we discovered a 20% month over month repeat purchase rate, making us more comfortable investing heavily in upfront costs to acquire new consumers.”

Brands can now access data that shows trending products by location, the performance of product promotions and discounts, purchasing behaviors and more, to better inform their strategic business decisions. In addition, brands can request marketing services, submit new product information, and monitor their supply chain to better serve Eaze’s retail partners.

“As a longtime partner of Eaze, data and insights have been key to building the PLUS brand. The partner portal allows us to measure the effectiveness of different promotion strategies, better understand our consumer buying patterns, test new product launches, and much more,” said Nate Yagoda, VP of Strategy at PLUS. “The data is real-time and accurate allowing us to test, learn, make decisions, and improve at a rapid pace.

The Partner Portal enables retailers to scale their delivery operation in a strategic, data driven way. Retail partners are able to access Partner Portal to help manage their driver fleet, inventory, plan for promotions, track sales performance, maintain backend records, and stay Metrc compliant.

To find out more information on the Eaze Partner Portal, please reach out to partners@eaze.com.

About Eaze

Eaze, a cannabis marketplace, connects adult consumers with licensed dispensaries and products. Eaze is on a mission to enhance safe access to legal cannabis, educate people about cannabis as a tool for wellness and drive smart cannabis policies. www.eaze.com.

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