What Does Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign Mean?
Meet Dae Lim, CEO of Sundae School
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What Does Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign Mean?

As if there weren’t enough memes floating around about astrology, Spotify’s latest in-app experience, “Only You,” features an audio birth chart and a curated roundup of the music you’ve listened to over the past six months. If you saw your cosmic breakdown and were left with more questions than answers, don’t worry – Eaze is […]

A Guide to Manifesting Your Highest Self

The pandemic has allowed a lot of us to reassess our priorities, and it’s become increasingly clear how vital and intentional it is to maintain health and happiness are. In honor of this shift in mindset, we’ve been busy calculating all of the most effective ways to visualize your highest self with the universe’s power […]

The Most Famous LGBTQIA+ Stoners of All Time

Pride Month is upon us, a time to both celebrate gay culture and raise awareness around the injustices that continue to occur within the community. The LGBTQIA+ community has always had a special relationship with cannabis, and in honor of Pride Month, we’d like to highlight the most famous LGBTQIA+ stoners of all time, and […]

Meet Dae Lim, CEO of Sundae School

Real fashion is alive and well and Sundae School is a living testament to it. We’re excited to highlight Dae Lim today, the CEO of Sundae School, a design studio and craft cannabis brand raising the bar for smokewear and weed, and delighted to share that Sundae School will be donating a portion of proceeds […]

How to Celebrate Pride 2021 with Eaze

Getting “back to normal” is so close we can almost taste it, and what better time to start getting back out there than Pride Month? Yes, celebrations are still somewhat subdued, but don’t let that discourage you. As fun as it is to lose yourself in a giant crowd at Pride parades of the past, […]

Greening Out: What To Do If You’re Too High

You’ve heard of the term “blacking out” – a.k.a., when you’ve consumed enough alcohol that you no longer recall all of the details of your experience (yikes!) – but what do you know about “greening out”? If you’ve been consuming cannabis for a while, chances are you’ve had a moment or two where you were […]

Eaze Donates Proceeds to LA LGBT Center and The Black Migrant Project

June is Pride Month: a time of celebration, recognition, and advocacy. We celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and how far we’ve come as a society, while also recognizing how much advocacy is still needed. Without LGBTQ+ influence, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy a lot of the things we do today, like drag brunches, Queer Eye, and weed. […]

Summer 2021 with Eaze

Summer 2021 is all about making up for lost time. With 98 days and hundreds of surprise deals all the way through Labor Day, it’ll be your most highly anticipated—and celebrated—summer yet. Whether it’s Jack Herer’s Birthday or the 4th of July, no occasion is too big or too small for Eaze. With sweepstakes, new […]

How to Live the High Life This Memorial Day

Summer has never been as highly-anticipated as it is this year, and Memorial Day is the perfect kickoff to the season. A day designed for remembrance, respect, and a whole lot of BBQ, we’ve got a few tips for you when it comes to making the most of your Memorial Day weekend. With COVID-19 still […]

Get to Know Felicity Chen, Founder of Potli

Behind the deliciously-infused sriracha or chili oil you’ve ordered off Eaze is cannabis connaisseur and cooking guru Felicity Chen. On a mission to destigmatize cannabis through food, Chen created the first Potli product when she infused honey with cannabis to assuage her mom’s asthma and allergy symptoms. In our final AAPI spotlight of the month, […]

Try Out These EcoTherapy Mental Health Tips from Natalie Watters

This is a guest column by wellness facilitator and talented chef Natalie Watters In recognition of Mental Health Awareness month, Nouera partnered with wellness practitioner and chef Natalie Watters to provide you with some easy tips to explore Eco Therapy around your home and backyard: Mental Health is our well-being in relation to how we […]

Celebrating Our Second Annual Momentum Pitch Day

Yesterday, we brought investors, entrepreneurs, and sponsors together for our Momentum business accelerator’s Pitch Day. The virtual event brought together industry-defining investors and Eaze’s Momentum Class of 2021, which includes some of the nation’s most prominent BIPOC cannabis leaders. The event, which featured a fireside chat with NBA Champion Matt Barnes and five-time NBA All-Star […]

Meet Aaron Tran, Co-Founder of Oakland Extracts

Embodying the slogan ‘Terps from the Town’, Oakland Extracts was founded for the community to increase access to quality cannabis to the people of Oakland. In our latest interview, we got to ask Oakland Extracts Co-founder Aaron Tran everything from his aspirations for 2021 to his go-to munchies snack. 1. What do you want to accomplish […]

Get to Know Mia Park and Jennifer Tran, the Founders of Sundae School

You may have learned a little about them earlier this year, but we’re willing to bet you can’t guess their go-to karaoke song. Learn about the founders of one of your favorite AAPI- and women-owned brands at Eaze, Sundae School. 1. What do you want to accomplish in cannabis? MP + JT We want to […]