What is an Infused Preroll?

Taylor Engle
Sep 18, 2021

Decades of research suggest that rolling a joint is one of the most classic ways to enjoy cannabis, but smoking a joint that’s been hand-rolled for you by a team of experts?

It doesn’t get much better than that – unless, of course, we’re talking about joints that have been rolled to perfection and infused with things like kief, shatter, oil, or sauce.

Infused prerolls aren’t a brand new concept to the industry, but they are a preferred niche that continues to see innovation, introducing cannabis in a way that really leaves a lasting impression.

If you’re interested in trying an infused preroll but don’t know where to start, you came to the right place. Eaze has an elite and extensive collection of infused prerolls from all of your favorite cannabis brands and beyond – available for delivery at the click of a button.

Biko Runtz Juseyo Diamonds Infused 1g Preroll

This one-gram joint from Biko is a great starting point for consumers who are ready to take on the infused preroll heat.

Crafted with premium Runtz flower and infused with THCa (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid), this preroll is a dreamy combination of spiciness, fruitiness, and creamy smoke.

The effects are energizing and uplifting, dusted with THCa diamonds for one of the best smoking experiences of your cannabis career.

KGB Reserve Royal Haze Torpedo Infused 1.3g Preroll

If you’re ready to take things a step above 1g, KGB Reserve has 1.3g infused prerolls that will launch you straight into space.

This Royal Haze Torpedo is exactly as it sounds, but with a hefty dose of productivity and focus. With diesel, skunk, and sage notes, this preroll is hand-rolled with “Killer Green Bud.”

From there, the joint is infused with a special blend of pure cannabis oil mixed with a dollop of the finest diamond sauce, and finished with a light dusting of locally sourced kief. Blast off.

Kingpen Cali Trainwreck x Lemoncello Infused 1.3g Preroll

This Cali Trainwreck-rolled 1.3g joint from Kingpen is filled with flower that’s been cured to absolute perfection.

In addition to the flawless flower genetics, this preroll boasts a heavy infusion of the highly-potent Kingpen-branded Lemoncello oil, and is coated in a thick, even layer of refined kief, applied for a delightfully even burn.

This preroll is perfect for the citrusy, lemony lovers. The bright, tart Trainwreck terpene is paired with the smoother, berry-like notes from the Lemoncello oil, making for a clear-headed cerebral energy and an overall relaxing effect.

SF Roots Al Ajo OG Infused 1g Preroll

Al Ajo is SF Roots’ most popular strain, and they’ve found a way to make it even more epic with this 1g infused preroll.

After crossing Al Ajo with OG Kush and infusing the whole thing with THCa, this preroll is prepared to get you lit in a giggly, relaxed, and uplifted way.

Sundae School Eureka Hash Infused Party Roll 1g Preroll

Sundae School is quickly gaining recognition as one of the best cannabis brands in the market, and their latest line of infused prerolls is a huge testament to their success.

With premium single-strain sativa and full-spectrum hash, get ready to feel uplifted and invigorated in a big way – perhaps alongside some of your closest loved ones.

After all, this hash-infused “Party Roll” is meant to be shared.

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