Halloween Costume Ideas for People Who Love Weed

Taylor Engle
Oct 27, 2021

Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up as someone (or something) completely out of your comfort zone, but if you’re a dedicated cannabis consumer, these costume ideas are right up your alley.

Whether you’re taking a stance on legalization, trying to piss off your anti-cannabis neighbors, or just going for the laugh factor with a group of friends, these are some of the best tried and true weed-friendly costumes to don this Halloween – or, if we may, this Halloweed. 

Don’t feel like spending a bunch of money on an overpriced costume? Luckily, all of these ideas are DIY-able and can be put together with a few simple materials and a whole lot of imagination.

Of course, no holiday – especially one as chaotically fun as Halloween – would be complete without all of your favorite Eaze goodies, so we’ve done the hard work by figuring out which products pair best with each costume.

Get ready to trick with some infused treats.

Poison Ivy + Foxy Berry Pebbles

For the Marvel fans who enjoy getting into character as much as they love smoking herb – dress up as Poison Ivy! With a red wig and green clothing, you’re already halfway there.

You can DIY with some materials from Michael’s or find some leaves online, but whichever route you go with, make sure the “ivy” is gas, not poison.

While you’re prancing around as a human plant, indulge in some of Foxy’s Berry Pebbles, a hybrid flower that will have you feeling euphoric and energetic all night long.

Human Joint + Kiva Confections Terra Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

While some people opt for a banana or hot dog suit, why not wiggle yourself into a human-sized spliff?

This costume is guaranteed to get non-stop laughs – just make sure no one gets too close to you with a lighter.

Finally, pair this costume with Kiva’s Terra Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans, a delicious treat that puts the average Halloween candy bowl to shame.

Pothead + dosist orange live resin gls vegan gummies

Are you the friend who’s known for throwing together a last minute, half-ass costume? With this idea, you can put in minimal effort and still come out with a hilariously witty look.

All you have to do is wear a pot on your head. You get it. And anyone who doesn’t, doesn’t get to share your dosist orange live resin gls vegan gummies with you!

Brownie Mary + Old Pal Forbidden Fruit

For those who don’t know about Brownie Mary, she was one of the heroes of California medical cannabis legalization, known for delivering weed brownies to hospital patients who were dying of HIV/AIDS.

Honor a legend this Halloween by dressing up as Brownie Mary herself. All you need is a big pair of glasses, and a vest with a pot leaf badge. Bonus points if you pass out brownies!

Or, you can always bring along some of Old Pal’s Forbidden Fruit – perfect for what you’re emulating, as cannabis was very much forbidden when Brownie Mary was most active.

Pot Brownie + PBR Strawberry Kiwi High Seltzer

Finally, a clever play on words and a nod to childhood’s past gets us the “Pot Brownie” – a.k.a., the Scout you always really wanted to be in elementary school.

Brownies are considered the second level of Girl Scouts, but this Halloween, you’ll definitely be the highest. All you need is a Scout-like uniform adorned with some 420-friendly badges. You’ve definitely earned them.

To place the final adult touch on this costume, pair it with PBR’s Strawberry Kiwi High Seltzer, something no good Pot Brownie should ever go without.

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