The NHCC Brings Equity to The Cannabis Industry

Taylor Engle
Oct 12, 2021

America celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15 to honor the incredible influence and contributions of Hispanic people throughout U.S. history. And this very much includes the cannabis industry! Hispanic people have bravely helped carry cannabis legalization forward, despite the fact that prohibition and enforcement are still disproportionately aimed at Brown and Black communities.

Credit is long overdue for Hispanic operators to get the recognition and financial gains they deserve. This is where the National Hispanic Cannabis Council (NHCC) comes in. The nonprofit was designed by thought leaders in cannabis to address the underrepresentation of Hispanic and Latinx culture in weed.

National Hispanic Cannabis Council Jennifer Lujan
Eaze’s Senior Director of Social Impact Jennifer Lujan recently joined NHCC’s board.

“The organization is propelled by a combination of educational spirit, Hispanic cultural heritage, and passion for the Hispanic market,” said NHCC Executive Director Antonio Valdez.

Eaze’s Senior Director of Social Impact Jennifer Lujan recently joined NHCC’s board. “I’m so proud of my heritage and want to help educate my community about the incredible good that cannabis can do for health, job creation and personal wellbeing,” said Jennifer, “It is a great honor to join the NHCC’s board of dedicated leaders and activists.”

NHCC is all about raising awareness about cannabis’ health and wellness benefits, and breaking down long-held cultural taboos that often persist in Hispanic and Latinx communities.

“We want to provide the most cutting edge medical research on the positive health effects of cannabis, and to be the subject matter expert on Hispanic attitudes and perceptions of cannabis,” Valdez said.

To achieve this, NHCC provides a wealth of opportunities for Hispanic entrepreneurs, including job training, access to employment boards, and mentorship from industry experts. NHCC also offers Hispanic Americans tools to find local chapters and connect with medical, legal, and economic opportunities within the industry.

Overall, the NHCC is breaking down tired old barriers and opening up cannabis to anyone, not just established entrepreneurs or investors with the fattest wallets. The cannabis community is built on inclusion, and NHCC is here to make sure what’s growing is accessible to all.

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