THE LEMON TREE | Santa Cruz’ citrusy strain is coming your way

Sandy Cohen
Apr 25, 2019

Pucker up! The Lemon Tree is here.

When the Lemon Tree crew first started growing their singular cannabis strain almost 15 years ago, it was locals-only thing for a group of buddies in Santa Cruz, California.

It was a small, craft-growing operation, and the tight-knit community of artists and skaters loved the Lemon Tree’s unique, citrusy flavor and perfectly balanced hybrid effect, rich with mood-elevating and energizing terpenes.

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Now, after blossoming into an international apparel business that honors the signature cannabis strain, the Lemon Tree is available on Eaze.

The Lemon Tree’s famous grow.

Wear ’em if you got ’em.

The clothing line popped first. Like the flower, Lemon Tree T-shirts began as a locals-only thing. One of the strain’s fans, illustrator and Santa Cruz skateboard designer Jimbo Phillips, was so taken with it that he created a logo: a graphic laughing lemon sticking its tongue out, winking and oozing juice.

product image
Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree

T-shirts printed with the design were handed out to friends. Some of those friends worked at skate shops, where customers started asking about them. They printed more, and the Lemon Tree’s popularity quickly spread beyond Santa Cruz.

Calling the company Lemon Life, they added more designs and an online store.

The majority of march drops go first to the U.K. Shirts, hats and other apparel is also popular in Spain, Italy, Japan and Australia, giving Lemon Tree a market reach its famous flower alone never could.

Expanding that side of the operation had its own challenges. The Lemon Tree was always grown for flavor rather than yield. Instead of producing as many plants as possible as quickly as possible, they grew organically in soil, focusing on differentiating and enhancing the terpenes and all their attendant benefits.

The Lemon Tree’s famous citrusy flower.

Lemon Tree claims over 50 different terpene profiles in its citrusy flower, dozens more than your average strain – and you’ll notice it, like the difference between fruit from the farmer’s market vs. fruit from the gas station.

product image
Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree

Now you can live the Lemon life, too.

The Lemon Tree is on Eaze for the first time; we’ll deliver its delightfully sour, terpene-rich bud to you anywhere in our California delivery zones in about an hour.

As consumers learn more about how terpenes may have more to do with effects than THC percentages, The Lemon Tree is meeting demand with production now spanning two farms, where organic practices have been standard since the very beginning.

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