SF Canna: Born and Bred in the Home of the World’s Finest Cannabis

Taylor Engle
Nov 15, 2021

California has always been a leading force in the legal cannabis industry, and the San Francisco Bay Area is its heart. SF Canna carries on that legacy with their high quality premium exotics – an unparalleled combination of superior flavor, appearance, and potency.

With over 20 years of experience leading the evolution of indoor-grown cannabis, SF Canna comes straight from San Francisco’s Sunset District, a breeding ground for connoisseurs, cultivators, and some of the best cannabis in the world.

The team at SF Canna has a wealth of experience in cannabis and cultivation in particular, both in the recreational market and the traditional market. The brand prides themselves on their roots – although they often risked their safety (and lives) to be in this position, they now get to offer dope flower to like-minded consumers and be out loud about their contributions.

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Two important pillars at SF Canna are exclusivity and luxury: boutique cultivation with results that truly deliver. Each SF Canna Strain is developed in an indoor cultivation facility, where weather and water are curated to cultivate premium flower.

At 30-plus percent THC and 1.5-plus percent terpenes in all SF Canna strains, this is flower for the true connoisseurs in cannabis’s sunniest home: California.

“We spend at least nine months perfecting the growing environment, refining the nutrient schedule, rinsing and repeating using an original and proprietary cultivation strategy prior to ever releasing a strain to the public,” an SF Canna representative said.

SF Canna’s methods come from the madness of the early 1990s prohibition era. At the height of cannabis panic, many outdoor cultivators from NorCal’s Emerald Triangle were forced to move indoors in an attempt to evade frequent federal raids.

These cultivators formed a community, relying on a new way of growing cannabis that allowed them to unite forces as the state of California made its way towards full legalization.

Since then, San Francisco has been a hub for cultivators all over the world fleeing the ongoing war on weed.

“At the peak of prohibition we risked our freedom and livelihood to cultivate,” the SF Canna team writes on their website.

“Now, with over two decades of cultivation experience, SF Canna is consistently producing high quality cannabis with beautiful bud structure, vibrant colors, contemporary terpene profiles and maximum potency.”

With its distinctive purple flower and focus on quality over quantity, SF Canna is positioning itself to responsibly grow while continuing to provide a world class smoking experience.

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For more information and to stay up on the latest updates on SF Canna’s new strains, events, merch drops, and more, visit sfcanna415.com.

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