Meet Nidhi Lucky Handa, CEO and Founder of LEUNE

Diana Gonimah
May 20, 2021
Nidhi Lucky Handa founder of LEUNE
From Sol Berry to Piña Dream, LEUNE continues to raise the bar for cannabis quality and aesthetic. A California-born lifestyle brand forged on the principle of transcending the narrative of cannabis culture, LEUNE is for the 3.0 consumer who knows that ‘getting high’ only begins to tell the story of what the plant truly represents. A proud partner of Last Prisoner Project, Broccoli Mag’s Floret Coalition, and a sponsor of Eaze Momentum, LEUNE aims to bring awareness to social injustice and inspire true, positive change.
In our latest interview, we got to know LEUNE founder and CEO Nidhi Lucky Handa:
1. What do you want to accomplish in cannabis?
I want to build a brand that’s as socially conscious as it is beautiful. I want to shine light on the best parts of this industry while celebrating the versatility of this phenomenal plant.
2. What was your first experience with cannabis like?
I was a teenager and it was in Europe – most certainly a spliff. It was love at first toke.
3. How are you changing the conversation around cannabis in the Asian American community?

BY HAVING IT. Destigmatizing this plant means showing up to talk about it. Full stop.

4. What’s your favorite thing you did high this year?
There’s nothing better to me than loving on my loved-ones when I’m toasty. In a year of extremely high highs and devastatingly low lows – smoking a joint (with a friend) on my post-work neighborhood walks has been a true highlight for sure.
5. What Asian icon (historical or current) would you love to sesh with?
Waris Ahluwalia. Love to get that guy into a chatty state.
6. What’s your go-to munchies snack?
Chocolate covered pretzels.
7. What’s your go-to karaoke song?
Queen anything.
8. What about cannabis 2021 gets you excited?
2020 turned the dial a lot on breaking stigma around cannabis consumption – I’m most excited about all of the new folks coming to the party.
Licenses: LEUNE, No. CDPH-10002313

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