Justin Bieber’s PEACHES Now on Eaze!

Taylor Engle
Oct 4, 2021

This year taught us that Justin Bieber gets his peaches down in Georgia and his weed in California, but what happens when he combines the two? 

The pop sensation has collaborated with cannabis pre-roll titan Palms on their latest limited edition release: PEACHES Pre-Rolls by Palms. Named for his iconic summer anthem, the line aims to spread awareness and help destigmatize the consumption of cannabis.

Palms was created to ensure that every consumer has access to high-quality cannabis. Their pre-rolls are equally perfect for a night on the town or a quiet evening at home, and this collaboration takes that to the next level.

“Our goal with Palms is simply to open the conversation and destigmatize recreational cannabis. Palms provides a premium experience for not only experienced users who will appreciate the quality and attention to detail, but first time and casual consumers exhibiting the approachability and benefits of our products,” said Palms Co-Founder Tyler Breton.

The collection consists of seven different 0.5 gram pre-rolls featuring premium indoor flower (no shake or trim) in fruity strains of indica, sativa, and hybrid.

The collaboration was initially inspired by Bieber’s past year of documenting his mental health journey on social media, which got Palms’ attention and admiration.

“Justin’s vulnerability and openness about his mental health struggles impressed us beyond measure, and we knew immediately we would want him to be at the helm of our first ever collaboration,” said Co-Founder Noah Annes.

The limited-edition line doesn’t begin and end here. Palms has taken their dedication to cannabis and mental health a step further by also collaborating with Veterans Walk and Talk, a community of veterans who advocate for outdoor activity and cannabis as a form of medicine, and Last Prisoner Project, a leading nonprofit dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform.

The Palms team will also be supporting Eaze’s Momentum business accelerator and Social Equity Partners Program, which aims to create a more diverse and sustainable industry.

A portion of PEACHES proceeds will go to each of these organizations. More importantly, the release aims to create space for awareness and conversations around these important causes.

“With Justin’s help shining a spotlight on these important topics, we hope to inspire others to talk more freely about both mental health and cannabis consumption. Together, we will be able to further our message of utilizing cannabis in a functional and meaningful way, allowing it to be a light in the dark…and also, a really enjoyable time,” Annes said.

PEACHES Pre-rolls by Palms are available today in California (through Eaze delivery), Nevada, Massachusetts and Florida.

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