Get to Know Mia Park and Jennifer Tran, the Founders of Sundae School

Diana Gonimah
May 21, 2021
Mia Park, co-founder of sundae school
Mia Park, co-founder of sundae school

You may have learned a little about them earlier this year, but we’re willing to bet you can’t guess their go-to karaoke song. Learn about the founders of one of your favorite AAPI- and women-owned brands at Eaze, Sundae School.

1. What do you want to accomplish in cannabis? MP + JT

We want to change the stigma around cannabis authentically. We want to make sure we are making space in the industry for marginalized BIPOC people because without them this industry would not exist 

2. What was your first experience with cannabis like? JT

I think I was at a vans warped tour. I remember dancing and a lot… and then stopping. 

Jennifer Tran, Co-Founder of Sundae School

3. How are you changing the conversation around cannabis in the Asian American community? MP

Lots of higher education! We want to educate our community. Furthermore being Asian is not a monolith, we like to use our platform to highlight all types of *honor rollers*. We believe by doing that we will be able to break down the stigmas that exist in our communities back home.

4. What’s your favorite thing you did high this year? JT

2020 was a very interesting year. So to be honest I got really excited we came out with an indica boba milk tea gummy… The favorite thing I did all year was eat gummies and go to sleep… Is this growing up??? 

5. What Asian icon (historical or current) would you love to sesh with? MP + JT

Confucius, you kinda just know he was always high  

6. What’s your go-to munchies snack? JT

 Instant Nongshim ramen with an egg cracked on top 🙂 If im fancy I’ll add furikake

7. What’s your go-to karaoke song? MP + JT

I wanna dance with somebody Whitney Houston. Duh  

8. What about cannabis 2021 gets you excited? MP + jt

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