POWER FLOWER | Now you can have your flower and vape it, too

Eaze Team
Apr 12, 2018

What is dry vaping?

Oil cartridge vaporizers and edibles are booming, but to really cover the complete profile of cannabinoids, terpenes and other natural compounds found in marijuana flowers, you need marijuana flowers. Nothing compares.

But even the flower faithful want in on digital cannabis. We’ve got just the thing.

Flower vaporizers heat ground flowers enough to vaporize and activate key compounds like THC and CBD—much like a flame would—producing a mild smoke with a pleasantly toasted taste.

Why not have your flower and vape it, too?

Vape fresh flower in 3 steps.

1: Get a flower vaporizer

The G Slim is an excellent vaporizer that has the ability to function as a flower vaporizer and oil vaporizer depending which tank you have attached. It’s perfect for on-the-go.

2: Grind your flower.

You need a fine, even-sized grind for the vaporizer, so this is a very important step. Make sure your grinder is clean and dry; excessively moist or sticky buds can impact the performance of your vaporizer.

3: Pack it, heat it, hit it.

Gently load the ground flower into the chamber and close it up. Most flower vapes have a button and will need a moment to pre-heat. After a few seconds, inhale from the mouthpiece, exhaling comfortably and thoroughly. Start out slow to see how you react to a new way of experiencing the “entourage effect” of the plant’s profile.

Pro Tips.

  • Though you should never pack the chamber so tight that air cannot flow through, the exact heaviness of your packing depends on your personal preference for vapor strength and the vaporizer itself. Experiment until you find the right packing density.
  • Even if you’re a seasoned user, take your time between puffs! It’s not a race.
  • Clean the mouthpiece with a q-tip dabbed in rubbing alcohol; never soap and water.
  • Keep your buds dry! Moisture will affect the performance of your vaporizer.

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