Eaze Donates Proceeds to LA LGBT Center and The Black Migrant Project

Taylor Engle
Jun 1, 2021

June is Pride Month: a time of celebration, recognition, and advocacy. We celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and how far we’ve come as a society, while also recognizing how much advocacy is still needed.

Without LGBTQ+ influence, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy a lot of the things we do today, like drag brunches, Queer Eye, and weed. Inspired by a brave advocate who saw great tragedy within his community during the AIDS crisis, the community rallied and medical cannabis was legalized in California, setting a standard that slowly but surely swept the nation and brought us to where we are today.

Since then, members of the LGBTQ+ community have been leading advocates for cannabis access. From brands that support the LGBTQ+ community, to collectives that allow LGBTQ+ people to consume in a comfortable environment, cannabis and gay culture are closely intertwined.

To honor the community that has given so much to cannabis, we’re proud to share that a portion of our proceeds in June will go to the LA LGBT Center and the Black Migrant Project, two organizations that work tirelessly to serve the community as safe spaces and resource centers.

Browse our menu to support LGBTQ+ and ally-owned brands and stay tuned for exciting content, giveaways and deals all month long!

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